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Taking place for the second time in Nepal, a challenging trail run offering three ...

International Sagarmatha (Everest) Day

International Sagarmatha (Everest) Day is celebrated on May 29 every year to mark the fi...

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Nepal is such a beautiful country. My cousin and I did the Everest Trek with Pradip and he is such an amazingly friendly, honest and down-to-earth guy. I will definitely be coming back to visit Nepal in 2012/2013 and I will definitely go with these guys. Absolutely fantastic. Anyone who wishes to view photos of my trek or ask me queries regarding this company, please feel free to e-mail me. I'd be happy to help! Thanks Pradip!

Dear Pradip, I really thank you for your help, your kindles and your presence during these 13 days of my beautiful trek here in Nepal. I wont forgive the experience of it was and I hope you will either when you will remember Daniela from Italy. Please think that when two roads open up to you always choose the most difficult, the one that will demand the most of you. Good Luck, Ciao!

Daniela Carli

We arrived in Dubai last night; everything went great except for the fact that Lina and I are very sick at the moment with fever and influenza kind of cold. Again many thanks and lots of regards from Lina and me for all your support, professionality friendship, hospitality and services Thank you, thanks to your whole team! We have found friends in all of you. Peter & Lina Germany

Peter Klawitter

We are all the time expressed! Himalaya Mountains and all Nepal were beautiful! Hospitality and a friendship of Nepalese people are unforgettable! As I said many times before, I must repeat it again - your Agency (Himalayan Experts) and your staff's experience were one of the best in whole Nepal, I think. We spent a wonderful time. Well, everything ends. We'd like to say see you again, especially to our dear new Nepalese friends - Pradip and Yokel. Bye-bye. Jurek and Olaf Poland

Olaf, Jurek

I did enjoy my trip in Nepal and was some how uneasy to leave you guys ‘coz I believe we have matured into a friendship than a customer/ tour agent relationship. Nonetheless, have to say goodbye to you guys especially to my dear friend Pradip In all, I would like to thank you and staff of Himalayan Experts for the professional effort that you guys had put in to make my lonely stay in Nepal so memorable. I don’t know if it would be 1 or 2 years after I return to Nepal. Thank you Wallace Lim Singapore

Wallace Lim

We had met before when we booked 4 days trekking trip from your company. We were happy with your service; you had provided us a good and jovial guide - Pradip. We are thankful to Pradip to find a good porter (Sham) for us too. Both of us really enjoyed their company alots. Now, we are back in Singapore, we would like to introduce your trekking service to our friends. As for us - we are looking forward to book the trekking trip from company in future if we visit Nepal again. Regards. Nellie, Singapore


I went to Annapurna Base Camp last year. Pradip was Guide that time. I felt alitude sickness there.I felt so Nervous that time.But the warm side was Himalayan Experts was there to Skip those problems .. Thanks to Pradip as well as whole Team.

Helin Coaster

The hotesny of your posting shines through




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